Obama is the next President of the United States of America

Barack Hussein Obama will be the next POTUS.  The latest polls show he is ahead with an estimated 350 electoral votes to around 180 for McCain.

What does this mean?

#1  The world will have to stop their decades long double standard of judging America a racist Nation.   Perhaps they will take a look at themselves for once.  Racism is alive and well in the world.  Whether it be the various genocides of Africa or the Euros and their Antisemitism or Asia and their one million ethnic hates or the Middle East and their hatred of all peoples not Muslim and their special hate reserved for the tiny nation of Israel.

(*Note:  I do not believe that all of the peoples of any of these regions harbor these hatreds. )

Of course, not all of the peoples of these regions are guilty but many of them love to point to the US and use us as justification for their hates and violence against minority peoples.  Black people in America will have to start dealing with a new reality.  A Black man in the White House ends many arguments that some folks like to use against White people.  Without the white vote, a Black President is an impossibility.  Discrimination will always exist.  But it can no longer be an excuse.

Unquestionably, Iran and their “dear leader” Ahmadinejad will push for Nuclear Weapon capability.  He knows that Barack Obama will seek to solve the issue diplomatically.  Obama will not dare seek a military resolution to the problem.  It will probably take a nuclear strike by Iran to get Obama to take a military stance on Iran.  Not that I think that this will happen.  Iran wants Nuclear weapon capability to offset the perceived threats of the US and Israel.  I don’t think anyone but a mad man will strike first with Nuclear missiles.  It would mean a sure death to the people of that Nation.  I don’t see Iran secreting nukes to Hezbollah either.  Everyone who pays attention to the Middle East knows that Hezbollah is the puppet of Iran.  It would be too obvious.

I think that we should unilaterally end all sanctions against Iran.  Our efforts for reform in Iran should be positive.  Aimed toward the people of Iran.  Same with Cuba.

I’m hoping that Obama keeps his promise and seeks to wean the US off of oil and other energy sources in the Middle East and other unstable areas and regimes.  I truly look forward to the day that we pull our support from the corrupt Wahhabi regimes of Saudi Arabia.  The Wahhabi are the genetic source of all terror groups of Sunni Islam.  The Wahhabi are also in the DNA of the Shi’a strain of terrorism.  Saudi Arabia is the funding source for Wahhabism world wide.  The House of Saud is the enemy and they are secure in the Lincoln Bedroom of the White House.

Hopefully, Obama shows them the door.  Let them cozy up to China and India and let those countries defend that corrupt and evil regime.

Some good could come of the Obama Presidency.

I think a Democratic victory in the White House will go a ways further towards instilling confidence in the market as well.  Will it be enough to push our economy on to the road to recovery.  Only time will tell.  Let’s hope it does.

I don’t think that Obama will be truly foolish enough to pull the troops out of Iraq too swiftly.  I just can’t believe that he would be that foolish.

If Obama wins his second term, I think that al Qaeda will attack.  Obama will return to the empty threat/speech foreign policy of Clinton.  The Wahhabi will attack the periphery at first to test the resolve of Obama and his State Department.  If Obama shows no nerve.  If he shows no willingness to strike back in a concrete manner, al Qaeda will eventually strike into the heart of America.  Perhaps a dirty bomb in a large city.  They’ll test him first in a place like Afghanistan or Kuwait.  Next, they’ll try ply their trade against a soft target in a place like Djibouti.  If Obama shows no resolve.  If he gives a speech with empty threats and follows up with nothing or aimless strikes.  The leaders of al Qaeda will begin to plan their next 9-11.

People of Liberal persuasion will deny this to their death.  But it will happen.

Either the last year of the Obama first term or the first year of the 2nd Term will see a strike.  If Obama is truly a Carter/Clinton idealistic type.

I hope that he truly is to be good for America.  I am hoping that he is as good as his followers believe. He won’t get my vote, but once he is in office he has my support.  I will wish him success.

Worst case scenario:  Obama turns out to be a Carter re-tread and 2012 sees a Republican take back the White House with a clear mandate.

For now, Obama has a mandate for change.  Here’s hoping he does something good with it.

8 comments on “Obama is the next President of the United States of America

  1. You have wisdom and a Middle East perspective hardly present in America, Dave. I will not support Obama now and hope that your prognostication of Obama as POTUS now does not come to be true.

  2. hahaha just saw this on a Fox blog about the debate:

    Comment by Warmonger for Jesus
    October 8th, 2008 at 1:06 am
    “And then the Lord Jesus taught them the doctrine of the preemptive strike, saying, “Lo, if you should even suspect your neighbor, or not-so-neighborly-dark-skinned-people-from-the-other-side-of-the-earth, of even thinking of striking you on either of your cheeks, you must strike him first with a devastatingly holy blow.”” Luke 6:24-26 CCV (Conservative Christian Version)

    Now that’s some funny shit.

  3. Hi Dave,

    I think you goes fast this time again. You know that none of your candidate are proper for runing your country. But being so pessimist will not solve any problem.

    USA could not get any good results both in domestic and international policy during Busj’s presidency. McCain will be follower Bush’s policy and it could not be successful for next 4 years.

    About Iran, none of these 2 people cannot do anything about that. You know that the war with Iran will not have any benefits for the world, not just USA. If Iran is not so powerful and unpredictable, then there is no need to talk about Iran too much and if it has Super Power, then everyone has to afraid of Iran.

    As I talked to you before, Persian are seeking peace. We have to remain the politics for the Politician. They are just playing with our minds. They know what they want to do. You know Iran will select its presidency by looking at USA’ election. Anyone will win USA’presidency, Iran will select someone to match with his policy.

    Bush needed Ahmadinejad to keep him away to attack Iran, like what you saw during Clinton’s presidency. We have a man as a leader who he was talking about having relations with everybody and even he and Clinton had some conversation and send greeting to each other for several national ceremonies.

    Then please be a little bit optimistic and do not spread fear among the people. Thanks!
    You know who I am and we will talk later.

    Mehrnaz / Persian Girl

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