The Ridiculous Cult of al Wahhab

The Epitome of Arab Stupidity

The Epitome of Arab Stupidity

Is there anything more ridiculous than a culture that forces it’s women to dress in this manner?  Saudi Arabi and Wahhabism are the epitome of all that is wrong in the Middle East.  Ignorance and oppressoin in the guise of religion.

The above is not Islam.  It is an ugly Arab cultural holdover.  Go to the deserts of Arabia and you will find hundreds of thousands of women and female babies buried there.  The victims of Arab culture.

One comment on “The Ridiculous Cult of al Wahhab

  1. The Saudis get away with raping the free world with high oil prices and terrorist sponsorship outside their own borders. They have wined and dined enough of our American politicians (both conservatives and liberals) and heve them in the Saudi pockets. They know the game better than our politicians and the American people suffer from events like 9-11-2001 and 10,000 liberal anti-war protestors in Minnesota right now.

    Keep up your good work, David!

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