Against the darkness, we fight…

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

While Obama thinks that we shouldn’t fight against evil in this world because it’s Gods job.  I disagree.  We must do that job ourselves.  While Obama will talk and talk as they use his naivite to their advantage, real leadership must plan to thwart the plans of the masters of terror and the enemies of peace.  The Wahhabis, the Russians, Communists, despots of every stripe, Fatah, Hamas, the PLA, the deceitful Lords of Qom and all  of the rest wish for nothing more than an Obama Presidency.  Michelle Obama thinks that the real enemy is America itself.  Obama seems to agree with his numerous comments on the subject.

Obama suits the terror lords and the despots and dictators.  They know that he will talk and talk and do little else.  Much like Carter and Clinton before him.  Should Obama become President, America will be rudderless.  The evil in the world relishes the opportunities that will be the Presidency of cowardice, empty talk and Inaction that an Obama White House promises.

They fear real leadership in the West.  Real leadership that will keep the wolves at bay.

6 comments on “Against the darkness, we fight…

  1. David,

    Your view of history is extremely interesting and enlightening. I wonder at and aplaud your courage in the lands of such extremes.

    I was never single (Married 58 years ago and still), but I would like to think I had the courage you exhibit. Keep on, brother!

  2. Pure Proganda and garbage lies and hatred what about the contributions by muslims from history your lies make me sick you need to study more

    • Read it again.

      Are Russians and Communists now Muslims?

      I did not type the word Muslim.

      Wahhabis, Fatah, etc are not Islam. They may be Muslim but they do not represent all Muslims.

      Only an idiot would make that jump.

    • Daniel, you need to learn how to read/comprehend. Did I write the word Muslim? No, I mentioned various sects of Islam as well as non-Islamic peoples.


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