Bedouin Freestyle in Sakkara

On the way back to Cairo from Saqqara, we stopped for lunch at a local restaurant.  When you enter, a group of musicians playing local instruments play music.  I assume to announce your entrance.  Becca, Shaimaa and I sat and ate.  Of course, I finished eating first.  I walked to the front to have a smoke. When I came near to the musicians, an Egyptian guy called me over.  I walked up and they started showing me their instruments and asking me if I could play.  I didn’t even attempt the horn.  One of them handed me the drum/tambourine combo and they started playing.  So I went along with them and started cutting up with them a bit. Hey!  I played drums from 6th to 9th grade.  I can still play a bit after all of these years.  lol  it was a fun time. While I was jamming with my sadikkis, Shaimaa was recording me.  And apparently, laughing herself silly.




All in good fun.  All in good fun. Later on.  Down in Luxor, we jammed out to some Celine Dion on the way back from Karnak.  Apparently, our driver was a big fan of Celine.  He played that song 3 times in 20 minutes or less.  Either that or all Celine Dion songs really do sound the same.



This is the Pyramid of Zoser at Saqqara.

9 comments on “Bedouin Freestyle in Sakkara

  1. What a flippin’ crack up.
    Love the cigarette , it gives the whole ensemble a sort of BEAT element. Great stuff,and the Celine Dion reference is icing on the crack cake.

  2. Brother, you are a damn trip. You are missing something though… rhythm, soul or coordination. lol Anyway, you have more fun than should be allowed. Good stuff!!

  3. I CANNOT believe that you put that on there. ROFLMAO!!! You are crazy!! Glad we filmed these important moments for posterity.

    Good times:)

  4. I knew you would appreciate that. It wasn’t on there originally. After talking with you on the phone and since the original file didn’t work…I felt that it was a sign from God that I must put the nose picking on there. Spliced it right on at the end. lol

    Creative genius am I.

  5. Ya know. I don’t remember being funny as a kid. I remember being pretty quiet and withdrawn. Though, I do remember having fun with you bubba. Always loved having Bruce as my friend.

    One day in my early 20s, I woke up and said; “Screw this. Time to get wild.” lol

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