These are my last moments in Egypt

I can’t begin to describe what I’ve seen, the places I’ve travelled or the people I have met.  I will say this.  The greatest Monument in Egypt is neither the Sphinx nor the Pyramids at Giza.  It is Abo Simbel.

It will take time to digest this trip. India and Egypt.  Cambodia, again.  Finally hit Laos and got trapped and flooded and washed out.  But it was too much fun.  Especially Avin.

I’ve seen hundreds of pyramids.  Great and Small.  I’ve seen countless tombs and mummies.  Monuments centuries old.  Thousands of years old.  Climbed Mount Sinai.  Traveled the Nile.  The Taj Mahal.  Great Rivers the world over.

It’s been exciting.  An adventure.  It’s been strange and wonderful.  Surreal at times.

This is Abo Simbel.

Photography is forbidden inside Abo Simbel now.  So I could take no photos of this magnificent monument to Ramsis II.  The gallery below was given to me by Shayma.  Our tour guide in Cairo.  She was awesome.  The first two pictures were taken by myself.  The rest are her contribution.

Thanks Shayma (if you ever read this).

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