We have a saying…

I mentioned this scene in an earlier post.  I finally was able to get a good bootleg version and clip it for my blog.  I know it isn’t funny. But it is…

Jake Gyllenhaal has turned out to be a great actor.  Jarhead and Rendition being two of his best efforts.  They may both be liberal anti-War type movies but they are excellent drama as well as excellent acting on the part of old Jake.  Now, I”m not getting into that other movie.  I couldn’t even watch it.  The kid is on his way to a great career.

3 comments on “We have a saying…

  1. Which begs the question…why couldn’t you even watch that ‘other’ movie? Pity. He was great in it. As was, of course, Heath Ledger. And they were great together.

  2. Well, I’m not homophobic. If that is what you are getting at. I’ve got plenty of gay friends and I don’t have all of those Christian hang ups about it. I guess–visually speaking–I”m homo-queezy. I don’t like seeing movies with people my Grandmas age making love either. To me, it’s about the same degree of grotesqueness. Now if it had been Brokeback Mountain starring Kate Beckinsale and Kiera Knightly, I’d have been all in.

  3. Because two gay guys on the movie screen is about the furthest thing from sexy. I’d rather watch cows going at it.

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