Stupid Obama?

For this country’s safety, we must pierce the smoke of Obama’s ‘intelligence’ at the earliest possible moment. If Obama’s smoke of obfuscation obscures long enough to gain him the White House, that fatal smoke could be blown away only to reveal a greater smoke rising from the ruins of America – a deadly smoke which next time will surely dwarf the ghostly clouds which broiled up from the burning buildings and planes on 9/11.

Barack and Michelle Obama have benefited from the greatness of America and white guilt (Affirmative Action) more than any other two people in American History. Yet, they still complain.  Perhaps, they’re just too stupid to see their fortune in having been born amongst “whitey” in the oppressive apartheid state of America.

Stupidity. Lack of Intelligence would go a great way in explaining this. I suppose the puppet masters could only hide it for so long.

5 comments on “Stupid Obama?

  1. It is so scary that America might elect the most unqualified and the most Unamerican President in our history. Instead of having a First Lady we will have a First Crazy in the White House. Who knows what the Cabinet will be fill with; nut jobs from his church and formal terrorists? Its like I heard on the radio in the beginning he was known as an empty suit. There is nothing to this guy, all he stands for is change. WHAT CHANGE? America is a great country, with the best medical care in the world. The poorest people live in a house and drive cars and have HD TV’s. Sure we have $4.00 per gallon gasoline, but the rest of the world is laughing at us as they have been paying $8.00 per gallon for years and years and now it is up to in some places $12.00 a gallon. And whose fault is it? The wacko left liberal environmentalists Democrats. And they are trying to blame Bush. Give me a break. Under Obama the gas will be $12.00 or more a gallon and that is what the wackos want; higher gas prices to stop American from driving. GOD SAVE AMERICA!

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