Newt Gingrich on the Islamic Threat

He is totally correct here. The American people and especially those on the left will not wake up to the threat of Islam until we lose a city.

New York.


Washington D.C.

Los Angeles.


The Islamic radicals will finally find success in their evil endeavors. It is almost inevitable.


America refuses to take the threat seriously. I give it ten years. It matters not if we are successful or a failure in Afghanistan, Iraq or both. My opinion. One city in America gets nuked. Mekkah should be the first retaliatory target. If that doesn’t get them the message.



Any belief system that employs children as suicide bombers is unworthy of existence. Period. The Saudis expect the United States of America to sit and take lectures on tolerance when you can’t find one Church, one Temple or one Synagogue on Saudi soil?

And we sit silently and take it because of OIL.

I don’t want to hear it from Democrats. It was a Democratic President who signed the deal with the devils in the first place. His name was FDR. And every President since, no matter party affiliation, has continued to suck at the teat and bend at the knee to the House of Saud. All of you Brits can keep silent as well. Mossadegh was taken out by the CIA at the request of none other than Winston Churchill. France. Everyone knows the cowardly history of French Colonialism. Russia is no better than anyone else. China and India will soon learn.

FDR, Truman, Ike, Camelot and his family of Mafioso wannabes, LBJ, Tricky Dicky, Jimmah the Peacemaker, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton and our current Bushie.

By my count that is 6 Democrat Presidents and 5 Republicans. For most of that period, we had a Democratic Congress.

NOT ONE DEMOCRAT should say a word about oil wars or kissing the Royal and Gilded Saudi buttocks.

4 comments on “Newt Gingrich on the Islamic Threat

  1. The narrow minded insularity of your writing really annoyed me, until I realised you were just another uncritical, unself-aware child of the US, thoroughly soaked in military rhetoric. I debated whether I could even be bothered posting a comment but thought I would give it a try.

  2. The narrow minded insularity of your writing really annoyed me, until I realised you were just another uncritical, unself-aware child of the US, thoroughly soaked in military rhetoric. I debated whether I could even be bothered posting a comment but thought I would give it a try.
    You do have nice photos.

  3. you don’t have a clue, but, before you judge me and judge me you did, you should take the time to get to know me. One way of doing so would be to read more of my blog. Or you could remain a shallow, empty false representative of your supposed consciousness.

    No one is so easily labeled.

    I’ve spent years in the lands of Islam. Islam is not a democratic culture. I am a representative of a democratic culture. I am proud of this.

    You must be European. I always find it humorous when Europeans hold themselves up as the ideal culture. Europeans colonized the world and labeled all of the world outside of their little continental sphere savage. Europe called all things not European heresy. Europe started a world conflagration an average of once every 30 years when they were the power on the World Scene.

    America, young and inexperienced though she may be, has started zero world conflagrations. Even though we faced the mightiest enemy in the history of humanity. The Soviet Union was defeated without resorting to a global decimating calamity. Europe could not have done this. As in the past, the whole of the world would have become embroiled in death and famine as was Europes wont while the major power on the world scene.

    Tell me that I lie. The European time for leadership passed. Europe failed. You brought greed, colonization, war, famine, division and pestilence to the world. Such is the legacy of Europe. The world still pays for European mistakes. Yet, Europeans have the gall to complain about the manner in which others go about fixing the problems that they themselves were too incompetent to fix. You merely retreated like a theif in the night. Running. Fearful of the price of European greed, degradation and debauchery.

    You are the author and inventor of most of the hates and evils of recent history. Darfur is your creation. The Middle East is your creation. Pakistan/India is your creation. Mao was your creation. The Vietnam War was your creation and somehow we let the French suck us into that mess. Northern Africa is your mess.

    And still you have the gall to judge others.

    America has had to deal with the problems that you left in your tumultuous wake. Problems that European could not solve.

    And still you have the gall to judge us.

    Europe is a joke. That will be your legacy.

  4. He is right, and Europeans have forfeited their right to criticize us just like they are currently forfeiting their own countries to the Muslims. Between their idiotic multi-cultural placations and their piss poor birthrates European Christians will be living under the thumb of the European Caliphate by the end of the century.

    We need to get serious about this threat. Islam should be banned for starters to keep its theocratic-fascist ideologies from spreading any further in the US.

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