Barack Obama wants to disarm America

Barack and Michelle Obama think that some mysterious band of nefarious evil doing “whiteys” are out there raising bars over their heads.  Yet, Barack thinks that he can deal with madmen like Ahmadinejad and the pedophile king of North Korea.  Barack is a babe in a forest full of wolves.  He’s not ready.  What more proof does one need than the video above.  Barack actually thinks that the Russians want to talk to the US about disarmament.  I don’t see it.  I suppose that he, too, can see into the soul of Putin and the Russians.

Barack wants to unilaterally disarm America. He’s of the same liberal ideology as Carter. He and the rest of the fools who believes that if we smile warmly and disarm ourselves, the rest of the world will love us.

A country with the size, resources and ambitions of America must have a solid defensive capability. What’s more. If we wish to maintain our democracy at home. We must promote democracy abroad. We must protect fledgling democracies. We must protect our interests abroad.

More than that. We must be willing to do these things. We can not shy away from the difficult decisions. Decisions of weight. Obama is not ready for them.

The man wants to shake hands with the devil and doesn’t know the price. 

This man can not be President.

2 comments on “Barack Obama wants to disarm America

  1. ah just stopping in to see if there were any facts to back these assertions, however I see none.

    Carry on People, nothing to see here.

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