Kentucky and the NBA Draft — Joe Crawford

Another year, another NBA Draft. Another year with no Kentucky players being projected to be drafted.

Neither Joe Crawford nor Ramel Bradley are projected to be drafted. Bradley has no chance. He won’t even get a cup of coffee in the NBA. This will make Tubby fans sad. They are so proud when Tubby Smith “gets’ guys into the NBA in this manner. They literally fall over themselves pointing out that both Erik Daniels and Gerald Fitch spent 5 or ten minutes on an NBA roster.

Joe Crawford may geta late 2nd round draw. If not, he will get a couple of calls for free agency before he has to head to Europe to play ball. I think Joe will get on in the same manner as Chuck Hayes.

OF course, the mindless Tubby drones will all credit Orlando. Saying that he is the reason. Another Tubby recruits gets in the NBA due to Tubby and his excellent development skills. I laugh at the thought.

Joe came out of High School highly regarded. His growth was retarded by Smith. Later, Billy Gillispie accelerated his growth. 4 years under a Coach (Gillispie) who knows how to develop, utilize and SHOWCASE talent and Joe Crawford would be looking at the late First Round and guaranteed money.

The Tubby era saw two Orlando recruits go First Round for the guaranteed money. One was a guy who stayed the course through four years of turmoil and dissent that was not seen even in the Probation years–Tayshaun Prince. Is there anyone who would argue that Prince was not a steal when Detroit swooped him up. Then there was Rondo, more team turmoul and another Draft where a UK player was a steal for a team in the late first round.

I’m hoping those days are over. Patrick Patterson should go high first round. The recruits that Gillispie and his team are bringing in should see UK back in the top of the draft. That in turn will help recruiting. Recruiting is a machine that feeds off of highlight reels and draft potential. If a Coach can get his recruits into the NBA, more and more high talent will fall in line for that Coach. More talent translates to deeper runs in the tourney.

Talent combined with good or great coaching will translate into Championships.

Good Luck in the Draft, Joe. I hope some team sees your skill and talent and picks you up.

Go Cats!

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