Scott Rigot and the Great Orlando

You remember Scott Rigot right? You know…the UK assistant coach known for his connections overseas who managed to pull not one international recruit and was the punchline of nearly every joke made by a UK player in the last five years. Well guess what. That guy GOT ANOTHER JOB! It takes some bit of talent to leave the University with the greatest basketball tradition in the country and having finished working for a coach respected by his peers on both the college and NBA level and find a way to not be hired by anyone in the country….but Rigot managed to do that! Not only did Tubby decide not to take him to Minnesota (a statement in itself), but no one even pulled a South Florida and took him after the Tubster bolted town. But now someone has. DUQUESNE….the Atlantic 10 team that no one knows is even in the conference has hired Rigot as an assistant coach, where he will immediately go to work not bringing in recruits and setting a conference record for “most times looking perplexed on the sideline.” We here at Kentucky Sports Radio wish Scott well and thank Duquesne University for helping keep one of our former coaches off the street.

Scott Rigot. There has never been a sorrier tale out of the University of Kentucky. This guy was hired by the Great One. Tubby Smith. He was hired to revive the sad recruiting that was occurring at the time. Supposedly a European specialist who was going to bring the next Dirk or Tony Parker to UK. I still can’t figure out what Rigot brought to the table or what Smith saw in this guy.

This guy is all that was wrong with Tubby Smith. He was THE guy who did nothing. He brought nothing to the table. Looking back. He was the beginning of the end for Smith. One has to wonder at the ineptness of an assistant coach from the University of Kentucky who can’t get a job at a D1 School. The experts were all over UK for “chasing off” the Great Orlando and his leftover crew of has been and never were assistants. Scott Rigot is the epitome of what went wrong in the Tubby era. The Great Orlanda became mired in unworkable situations. He backed himself into a corner and was too proud to admit his mistakes. In the end, he fled the situation rather than man up and stick around for the difficult challenge of fixing it. Yet, the press and especially Dick Vitale continuously defended Smith while attacking UK and it’s fans. They did this even as they simultaneously wrote of how “down” UK was in talent and achievement. Yet, Tubby was crowned one of the greatest in the Game. lol

Dick Vitale talking out of both sides of his neck? NEVER!!! THE HELL YOU SAY!!! lol

This is one of those guys to whom Smith was supposedly so loyal that he didn’t offer him a job in Minnesota.

I say this as a joke but I almost mean it. The only thing about the end of the Smith era that I regret is that Mitch Barnhart didn’t get to fire the son of a bitch.

I give it 4 to 5 years before the Great Orlando screws up the great gig he has up there in Minnesota. UM will realize that they got played by one of the great coaching scam artists of our time. They got their second Clem Haskins. And they’ll deserve it, too. Tubby won’t cheat. He just won’t earn all that cheddar that the Golden Gophers are throwing at him. In that sense, he always cheats. He cheats you out of the opportunity to hire a coach who is truly capable of elite coaching.

They say that they will be satisfied with Sweet 16s and 20 win seasons. We’ll see how long that lasts. They aren’t paying Smith Sweet 16 money. I will laugh almost as hard when they fire him as when I heard that they hired him away from UK.

The best news days of my UK Fan-hood:

1. 1996 NCAA Championship

2. 1998 Elite 8 Win over Duke

3. 1978 NCAA Championship

3. 1998 NCAA Championship

4. The day that Smith left for Minnesota.

5. The day all of the Tubby Smith fans became UM fans and left UK alone. OOPs, that never happened. lol Too bad.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising the University of Minnesota joins Northwestern as the only two Big Ten Conference men’s basketball teams currently without a 2010 commitment. Ohio State (No. 1), Illinois (No. 3), Michigan State (No. 9) and Purdue (tied-No. 10) already have top 10 recruiting classes for 2010, according to

Tubby Smith is right where he belongs.

Mediocrity City BABY!!!

Anyway. The Tubby Era ended one of the truly comical sagas in the history of UK. One with which UK and the fans was destined to be smeared from the beginning. Many of us saw it coming in 1999. Many more saw it in 2000. Tubby skulked off like a scared and defeated old man.  Taking with him his One Million Plus USD “loyalty” bonus.  He’d been talking to Minnesota since the previous year as the season was underway.  Clearly, his heart wasn’t in the job that he was being paid to do.  He had already all but left for the Minnesota job back in December.  He runs out with a cool Million.  UK Fans got smeared with the idiotic press corps led by that assclown Dick Vitale all but calling Kentucky the KKK of College Basketball.  Now, Billy G John Calipari is in the process of making UK a Great Team again. A true contender rather than a Tubby Paper Tiger.

Good Luck Scott Rigot. Your time at UK was probably not a lesson in how to run a great program. But at least, now you know what NOT to do. lol

Post Script:  After this past season wherein John Calipari and his uber-talented recruiting class led UK to a 35-3 record, I am even more convinced that UK should have booted Ten Loss Tubby back in 2000.

2 comments on “Scott Rigot and the Great Orlando

  1. Geez, what a fool. Y’all should be glad the civil commitment process is so difficult.

    Get a life. No one cares about your insignificant self. Tubby Smith and Scott Rigot

    are class acts, a phrase you’re in no danger of anyone ever using in the same

    sentence as your name.

  2. yeah, I’ll get right on that. Gotta go get a life. lol Let me get back to you on that one Jack Duncan. And your comments are indication of your level of class? Freakin’ idiot.

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