“Che” Obama — Let the Bloody Revolution begin…

Barack Hussein Obama, Black Liberation Theology (Theologically Enshrined Racism) and Marxism

Basically, a large group of American people desire to elect a Marxist who is more than likely a closet racist to the Presidency .

The DNC may as well nominate an Ahmadinejad/Hugo Chavez ticket. While they’re at it, they can disband Congress and emplace Hamas in the House and Hezbollah in the Senate. Cement the destruction of the Constitution by placing the former Soviet Politburo in the Supreme Court. Special bonus: Kim Jung Il as Speaker of the House. Khamanei can be Attorney General in this ideal State of Affairs.

I wonder where Michelle and the Mullahs will build the first Gulag. Alaska, perhaps? Or will they just cede it back to Russia as a special Red Gift. I wonder if Obama will be as bloodthirsty as the men he admires. Che and Fidel the murdering twins of South America. Perhaps, Che Obama will be the American Stalin or our Mad Murdering Mao. Jeremiah Wright will re-emerge as Political Thought Commissar.

The DNC has finally gone off the deep end. Obama will make Jimmy Carter look like a mastermind.

One comment on ““Che” Obama — Let the Bloody Revolution begin…

  1. If you are a fascist you suck up to the rich and hate the poor!
    Liberation Theology is the opposite of the theology that the murdering right wing haters of the
    poor have practiced in Latin America and the entire planet! I am aware of the murderous Contras and the death squads! The right wing fascist dictators, care nothing for society as a whole, they only want to rob the people and enrich themselves and their cronies!
    History is full of fascist right wing despots that do not have a social conscience or an ounce of humanity!
    Liberation Theology came about as a reaction to this form of mass exploitation and murderous regimes that existed on all continents!
    It is the opposite Way of thinking from the cruel authoritarian view that predominates inside the culture of those that want to return to our primitive barbarous past!
    Progressive and humanitarian elements within religion and secular societies are for “Liberation Theology!’

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