Free Tibet Now!!!

Tibetans and their supporters are on the move throughout the free world. It’s the perfect time to move against the communist human rights violating monolith that is China.

China . The Host of the 2008 Summer Olympics. It’s sacrilege. The Olympics are supposed to be symbolic of peace,cooperation and harmony among nations. Amongst peoples. China, the megalithic Communist Monster. China the world devourer. China of Tienanmen Square fame–Tanks to squash a student protest. China who allowed millions to perish so that a few well fed maniacal murderers could retain power. China. Led for nearly 3 decades by Mao Zedong. The greatest mass murderer to walk the earth. The man who oversaw the murder of 70 Million Chinese so that he could frighten the rest into obeisance. Mao Zedong.

In 1950, China invaded Tibet. Extending the Maoist carnage and murder spree into the worlds most peaceful province. China rolled into Tibet and commenced to torturing and murdering Monks and ordinary citizens in the thousands and hundreds of thousands.

Why did Mao want Tibet? What was his claim?

It was simply a matter of Chinese prestige. Mao thought that all of the peoples of the area should have the opportunity to be murdered in his evil grasp and under his failed leadership.

In 1246, a Mongolian annexed Tibet into the greater Mongolian Empire. That Mongol Ruler was Khubalai Khan. Great Grandson of Genghis Khan. Khubalai Khan eventually conquered and united what we know today as China. This is the first instance in history of a united China. Khubalai founded the Yuan Dynasty. This is considered the first Dynasty of modern China. The China that we know today.

The China we know today was created by a Mongolian. Don’t tell the Chinese this. For some reason, it angers them. They see the Mongols as a primitive people. But it took a Mongol Emperor to bring China together. it was a Mongol Emperor who first brought Tibet into the Chinese sphere of influence.

China’s claim to Tibet is as ridiculous as a Mongolian claim to China.

China has brought herself these troubles. The Chinese want to join the Global scene as a full and respected partner. Yet, they still want to carry on as belligerent neighbors. Taiwan is another example of Chinese over-reaching and trouble making. Taiwan is a separate nation. Yet, China continues to want to claim it as part of mainland China. China wants a peaceful partnership with the free world. BUT they don’t want to be held to the standard of peaceful nations. China wants to make money off the West even as they terrify and cow their own citizens. Even as they deny many of their citizens basic human rights.

The Taiwanese have built a country based on capitalism and free markets. It’s people were thriving even as Mao was murdering millions in his failed Cultural experiments (revolutions). Yet, China demands the right to rule over the island nation as if China were the author of Taiwan’s successes.

Now that the Olympics have given the enemies of China a world wide forum, expect the Tibetans and other groups to surface. As the Olympics draw closer, it will be more and more difficult for China and the governments of the participating nations to ignore their demands.

Tibet has international support. I’m interested to see where the pressure on China leads. Will China react as they have in the past with violence and severe punishments? Will they cave to international pressure? Will China be forced to stop murdering innocent folks for the crime of desiring freedom and liberty? Will the world stand up and be counted? Or will the same eyes which refused to see the genocide in Darfur be willfully blind still?

Will Tibet finally gain their independence or at least autonomy? Or will Chinese hypocrisy and murder be rewarded yet again by it’s eager accomplices in the West?

Of course, we all want our cheap electronics, tennis shoes and t-shirts from Walmart via cheap Chinese labor. Therefore, the chances of China being held to any real standard of human rights is slim to non-existant. It’s the same with oil. We want our cheap products. And Hell! We’re free. We have our liberty. Why should anyone care about those damn Chinese or Tibetans? Or anyone else for that matter.

I’ve met a few Tibetans along the path of my life. They have always been nice, peaceful people. Exactly what you would expect. As if each Tibetan were an emissary of the Dalai Lama himself. Poised. Perfectly composed. Even when the subject of the mighty Dragon arose.


Questions or Comments are always welcome.

10 comments on “Free Tibet Now!!!

  1. So many points I agree with in this. Really none that I don’t. From Tibet to the Olympics, to Taiwan, to the demand for cheap goods. Better to do with less. The price is higher than we think.

  2. Thats fine..I am not against Tibet, but dont these people protesting the Olympics have stuff to do in the day instead of disrupt the torch relay – like have a job or something?

  3. Well, it is a way to draw attention to the problem. Very High Vis. The Olympics became a sham the day that they decided to hold it in China anyway.

    If you truly believe in your cause then you make sacrifices for it.

    Ben and Judy. Thank you for your comments. I’d love to someday get some dialogue going here. Kinda boring talking to myself. lol

  4. Agree completely. However, I can live without goods from China, most of which here lately are dangerous for America children and animals. When I was young (back in the 1950s) China openly stated they will destroy the US from within, using drugs and whatever other means. Who would have believe they are trying to destroy us with lead paint.

  5. If you do not agree with China, this might lead you to conequences like:

    NOT watch the Olympics on TV.
    NOT buy goods “made in China”, as this feeds the Chinese dragon, and allowes it, to finance the genocide in Tibet.

    Ask the people in the Chinese restaurant, wheather they support the Chinese government, or if they are aganinst it.
    Then decide, where you want to have your dinner….

    As we still live in the more or less free western world, at least we can decide on the products we buy…

  6. I do not agree with Matt. Punishing the Chinese People is unfair. Better to boycott any product that carries the Olympic Logo. Let’s be clear. This event is about MONEY. So, vote with your money and be a thoughtful consumer.

  7. i feel sorry for the chinnese people because they have to have a dictatorship and are punished for their protests. i think that the chinesse system needs to be thought through before the terrorise the tourist that are going to witness the olympic games.
    i may be fifteen and live in a forgoten area of the Uk, but i believe that enough people make a stand against it then the world leaders will have to act on the cruilty in china, its people and the cruilty to the tibetan’s who are voicing a view and are being punished for it!

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