Bangkok Beauty


One of the many reasons that I love Thailand. I was walking to Thanon Khaosarn in Bangkok when I snapped this picture. I couldn’t resist. lol She was probably on her way to do some shopping. Lots to do in the area around Khaosarn Road which is the backpacker hangout. Shops, hotels, bars, restaurants and tons of folks walking around, hanging out, drinking, people watching, shopping, getting tattooed, hair weaves, planning tours to Vietnam, Laos or any of a hundred other destinations in Asia.

I was with a friend so I couldn’t pursue.

The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.
Rudyard Kipling

5 comments on “Bangkok Beauty

  1. You need a little more class and a lot more respect. If this was your mother or sister, I’m sure you wouldn’t want some stranger snapping shots of her butt and posting it on the web to discuss her as ‘an opportunity’.

    Actually, scratch that.. keeping doing what you do. That way, all the fine girls with hearts that match their beauty will be available – they definitely wouldn’t date you – this way I can hook my friends up with someone as killer as my wife. I think we’d consider it ‘dating pool cleansing’. If the shoe fits…

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