Thanks for the Memories. The ’07-’08 Campaign was one crazy ride!

The Cats go down to Marquette in the 1st round.

Joe and Ramel’s last game.

It was a hella four years guys. Thanks for sticking around.

I’ll let Bob Hope do the honors.

Crawford on Coach Gillispie:

“He’s done more for me than a lot of people in my life,” Crawford said. “He changed the outlook everyone had on me. He changed me as a person. He got me believing. He’s done so much for me and I love him for that. I don’t know how I could repay him, ever.”

6 comments on “Thanks for the Memories. The ’07-’08 Campaign was one crazy ride!

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  2. I threw it together kinda fast though. I could have put video in it. Also, if you notice, behind the pics of Joe and Ramel are pics of Bob Hope. It’s originally a Bob Hope tribute that I ripped off of Youtube. haha

  3. Yes, I noticed what was behind it. Thought I saw Red Skelton in one of the pictures, but maybe not. He would be a sentimental favorite of mine.

  4. You did see Red Skelton. After I did it, I thought “what the hell!” It adds an extra bit of strangeness to it. Kinda like this season. lol

  5. It does add a cool strangeness to it. A little like the signals from all of those old TV broadcasts that are still supposed to be bouncing around in space. Memories of people and things that happened still replaying. My personal twilight zone belief…lol

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