Barack Obama and Malcolm X


Anyone who criticizes Barack Obamas admiration of Malcolm X is speaking strictly from ingorance. Malcolm X was killed because he started to speak of reconciliation. After his pilgrimmage to Mekkah, Malcolm X was coming around to the same beliefs as Martin Luther King Jr before he was murdered. In Mekkah, he saw men of all races worship together in a common love for the creator. I’m paraphrasing him here from memory. When the great charlatan Elijah Muhammad murdered Malcolm X, he did this nation a great dis-service by depriving us of a great and charismatic leader who was coming around to a more peaceful message of integrity, courage and understanding in the human and civil rights movement.

Not a well known fact but fact nonetheless. Alex Haley’s auto-biography of Malcolm X is a powerful book. Well worth the read. How can I fault Obama for saying that it is his favorite book when it is one of my favorite books as well.

(I’ve read the drivel that the Black Muslims hands out as the history of black people as well. A great scientist from another planet creates white people in a cave. Elijah Mohammad and his lackey Louis Farakhan are a plague upon America. If Obama has any association with the Black Muslims, he has no business running for Congress. But it is rare for a non-American black person to associate themselves with those crackpots. )

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