The Taliban

Above is a Taliban training and campaign video. I edited out the end portion of it because it was a series of snuff videos of the Taliban executing their prisoners by sawing off their heads with a rather dull looking knife. It was quite disturbing and the Talibanis seemed to be enjoying themselves a bit too much while yelling “Allahu Akhbar!” The Taliban are some disgustingly ignorant folks.

I was told that this video came from the south near Qandahar or possibly Helmand province. The South has the highest concentration of Taliban. Coincidentally, it also has the highest population of poppy farms. The Taliban are financing their holy war with drug money in much the same manner that the Chi-Coms financed their war with the opium trade.

2 comments on “The Taliban

  1. Wouldn’t legalizing drugs here in the US take away a substantial chunk of their profits and thus eliminate much of the Taliban’s funding?


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