“Grab ’em by the Pussy” Hillary and Donald have that in Common


Obama has made similar comments. I guarantee it. After all, he came out of Chicago Corruption.

JFK made similar comments. He had the SS bring him women at the White House.

Trump is a turd.

He’s a chauvinist. OK. Fine.

Hillary has done worse.

The campaign hired a private investigator with a bare-knuckles reputation who embarked on a mission, as he put it in a memo, to impugn Ms. Flowers’s “character and veracity until she is destroyed beyond all recognition.”

She shamed women who her husband ACTUALLY sexually assaulted. She did that. She didn’t have to do it. Yet, she did. She destroyed women to further her ambitions. She did not care about Bill “grabbing pussies” and getting blow jobs in the Oval Office right down the hall. No, she cared about her career and she destroyed any obstacle, human or otherwise, which dared stand in her way.

The enduring image of Mrs. Clinton from that campaign was a “60 Minutes” interview in which she told the country she was not blindly supporting her husband out of wifely duty. “I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette,” she said.

If you are voting for Donald J. Trump or Hillary Clinton, you are mentally unstable. If you can rationalize a vote for either of these monsters, you are, yourself, a monster.

But privately, she embraced the Clinton campaign’s aggressive strategy of counterattack: Women who claimed to have had sexual encounters with Mr. Clinton would become targets of digging and discrediting — tactics that women’s rights advocates frequently denounce.

There is no excuse.

Criticizing the one whilst defending the other makes you a hypocrite. Nothing can change that.

Voting for either of these creatures means that you suck as a human being.





“It was a reaction of no surprise, but immediate anger and action,” said Ms. Sheehy, who also described her observations in a Vanity Fair article that year. “Not anger at Bill, but at Flowers, the press and Republicans.”

Back on a plane that night, Mrs. Clinton told Ms. Sheehy that if she were to question Ms. Flowers in front of a jury, “I would crucify her.”


Najibullah of Afghanistan



“We have a common task, Afghanistan, the United States of America, and the civilized world, to launch a joint struggle against fundamentalism,” Najibullah told the Times, and “described what he thought would happen to his country if Islamic extremists took power in Kabul.”

“If fundamentalism comes to Afghanistan, war will continue for many more years,” Najibullah said. “Afghanistan will turn into a center of world smuggling for narcotic drugs. Afghanistan will be turned into a center for terrorism.”

President Najibullah, Afghanistan, 1989




A Father Who Never Was


WARNING! A bit of personal family drama purposely made public.

Pls don’t hold it against me. Forgive me this one time.


Ah…the love of a Father from whom you never hear a word until he needs something:

“David how are you I hope you are good!!!!!!! I hate to ask you this but is there any way you can lend me $1500.00.I will pay you every penny of it back . You know I left Doris and she took out another EPO on me for the next three years where I can’t go within 500 ft of her or her family. I just need enough to buy me a bed so I can get off this floor and to get me a lawn mover to cut my grass and not have to use Ginger’s any more. I can only make so much money at work as I’m on SS. I can make only $14,640.00 a year until I’m 66 then I can work all the hours I want. By the way I’m living alone now she left me because of what Doris did to her. So if you can help me I would thank you with all my heart.
Love dad”

It’s the same pattern he’s followed since childhood. Create problems for himself and anyone unlucky enough to be in his general vicinity. Run from that problem(s). Ask family for money. Deny that he was the cause of the problems in the first place. Blissfully and blithely move forward whilst leaving destruction and pain in his wake.

Such a Grand Guy!

And now, he threatens to sue his children because they won’t talk to him AND they tell truths about the past about which he is in complete denial.

Perhaps, I should write Walmart and tell them that they have a convicted rapist working for them in Shelbyville/Louisville, Kentucky.

He could add Walmart to the suit.

Wouldn’t that be grand.

What a guy! What a fuckin’ guy.

Perhaps, he could make millions. Maybe then, he’d be satisfied and leave us alone. I doubt it, though.

What else can one say about a Father who spends 16 years ruining the lives of his children and the next 32 alienating them.

There is much that could be said. However, I believe that I’ll spare the internet this nonsense. It’s all a bit tiresome by now.

The only thing that I will say is that the old man should give up the ghost. He should stop blaming the Mother for the sins of the Father.

Confronting our Mother at familial gatherings only serves to alienate the children all the more. It has only served in the past and, now, in the present to raise the ire of the children whom he has neglected since their respective births.

divine1Choosing alcohol and fat, beer swilling bar maids over one’s children for the whole of their childhood and showing up drunk at home wreaking havoc amongst them whilst abusing their Mother does not bring about an appreciation of one’s fathering abilities. It certainly brings about no great love or bonds of affection.

Give up the ghost, daddy dearest. Come to terms with the fact that your children will never love you for you have never shown them love. You speak a good game. Your actions prove the opposite.


P.S. To the Grand Old Family of my Father. You were there. You saw the acts of this man. You saw him drunk. You saw the aftermath of his abuse. You saw his abuse in action. Yet, today, you allow him to lie to your face. Today, you expect and demand that we forget. Today, you still enable his abuse towards my Brothers and Sister and Mother. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Police Are A Threat to Liberty


I agree that Police are killing Black people in high numbers. However, they aren’t only killing Black people. However, Black people do themselves a disservice by making this a “Black Issue.” Black people are a minority. You need a majority for change to happen.

Stopping shooting yourselves in the face.


Let us think about this.

Britain didn’t start yelling; “Stop Killing Brits” in World War II and then attack Russia. They made common cause with Russia and America to defeat the Germans.

What have Black people done. Police are killing them in inordinate numbers. Black people start attacking White people on the streets of our cities and at protests. Black people push White people to the side and use strange terms such as “Allies.” I’m not just an ally. As a White American, this is my fight as well. It’s not like I’m against Police Brutality for the sole reason that Police seem to be irrationally frightened of Black people or because Police kill Black people in inflated numbers as compared to all others excepting Native Americans. I’m against Police Brutality because it is a threat to American Liberty. I’m not as concerned with who they target out of proportion or who they fear irrationally. I’m concerned that Police feel that they can murder Americans with impunity by stating that they “feared for their lives” or that they “felt threatened.”

Stop targeting White people at protests. Just stop. It wastes your energy and allows those who are racists and bigots to demean and dehumanize Black people. White people aren’t killing Black people in record numbers. Police are doing that. EVEN BLACK POLICE seem to be strangely and irrationally afraid of Black people on the streets of America.


Stop attacking those who should be standing beside you. Protesting beside you. Stop and think. What White American feels safe joining in a protest by Black people against the Police when the reality is that they may be attacked merely for the color of their skin. This is self defeating. Oh and stop using Michael Brown as an example of Police Brutality and wrongful deaths. Michael Brown attacked a Cop. Period. I believe that the Cop whom Brown attacked was an undisciplined, ill trained thug. Even so, Brown clearly attacked the Police. He precipitated his own death with his own stupidity.

There are better examples. Tamir Rice and Jamal Crawford are clear example of Police Brutality, Police fear of Black people and the oppression that Police bring to the Black community and to America. The Pastor, Terence Crutcher, who was killed recently is another excellent example.

STOP USING MICHAEL BROWN. He did not deserve to die. Neither did the Cop. Both were wrong. That should not have been a death sentence. However, Brown defeats your purpose in the eyes of a majority of Americans. Even Black people to whom I have spoken believe Brown was an idiot.

Some folks such as Shaun King want to pass legislation to make the Police report their murders and killings to the FBI or in a National Database. We can pass thousands of pages of legislation and nothing will change. We can make the Death in Custody Act a reality. We can make a thousand acts a reality. None of that will matter as long as Police have Qualified Immunity.

The Police know that they can murder anyone and get away with it because of #QualifiedImmunity. No Life Matters to the State and the Police are OF THE STATE.

End Qualified Immunity.

There needs to be top to bottom reform of our Police Departments. Starting with who can join the Police Force. There are too many criminals who are Cops.

US-Flag-Prison72End the murderous, oppression and lie that is “I feared for my life.” It’s a well worn crutch of the Policing Community. Police should be disciplined. End the excuse of “I didn’t know the law” for Police. Citizens can’t use that excuse. Why can Police? End the lies of Police. Police can lie to a Citizen and use statements made because of those lies against even the innocent.

Most importantly, make the Police pay for their mistakes. No more taxpayer dollars should go to fund Police legal fees, fines and rulings. If a Cop is found to have committed a crime, let all fees and fines come from the Police themselves and not the Taxpayer.

Hurt their bottom line.

Finally, disassociate Police Unions from Politics and from City Hall. Police Unions are nothing more than extortion and criminal protection rackets. That #ThinBlueLine needs to be destroyed. It is a criminal organization.


The Libertarians


I can’t take anyone seriously who dismisses the opposition to the #WarOnDrugs as “oh, cool, we can some weed.”

The War on Drugs is the most serious threat to American and Global Liberty in the history of mankind. Millions in America and more across the world are incarcerated and murdered because of America’s War on Drugs.
The War on Drugs is a greater threat to world peace than the idiot, illogical and contrived war on terror.
Only the Libertarian Party wants to do away with these threats.
The Democrats and Republicans want to re-ignite the Cold War and expand the War On Terror. They would also continue the War On Drugs.
How many millions of lives must be ruined. How enslaved must the Citizens of America and the World become before the Politicians are satisfied.
These people are already talking about mandating RFID chips in children. Australia has made moves towards making this a reality.
Taxation has become naught but enslavement. The IRS can reach into your bank account and take every dollar you have saved.
Public Education is a failure. It is naught but nationalist propaganda. Want to know why Americans are so susceptible to Donald J. Trump’s moronic rhetoric. Look no further than the failed Public Education propagated by the Federal Government.

 Some critics of the Libertarian Party charge that it’s platform is merely a return to the Gilded Age. The Republican and Democratic Parties were the architects of the Gilded Age. The worst abuses of that age were simply made Government Policy under the Republican and Democratic Leadership. Certainly, the People forced the Federal Government to change. Unions forced much of that change. Leaders such as Henry Ford made much of that change in order to beat the competition. The Market does work. The People have become dependent upon the State and have forgotten how to use the power of numbers. Markets are moved by supply and demand. Numbers make change if the People come together.

There are more issues. More and more to come.

None of these issues will be resolved by the DNC/GOP Mafia. They will only be exacerbated.
The Libertarian Party is the only voice of the people. Neither the Democratic nor the Republican Party are responsive to the People.
We need real change. We do not need another decade of faux Drone Ranger Mass Murder change of the sort offered by the Bush/Obama Clones of the GOP and DNC.




The root cause of oppression is greed. A person or group wants something. It matters not what that thing might be. Land, Gold, Women, Power!

Ignorance is the tool. Ignorance of the masses.

I want political power in the US. I ramp up hatred of some group. I rally my people to that cause. Rail against that “enemy.”

Most humans are easily led. Many of us are lazy by nature. Obtaining knowledge takes work. Hard work. One must actually read. Turn pages. Research.

It’s easy to turn a man against his neighbor by claiming that “this is our land.” Those people are this or that.

Most will not research or think about it.

With the media today, it is easy to saturate the “airwaves” with spurious claims. It is far more difficult to motivate people to learn truths or unlearn old lies.

Convince the ignorant that all Black people are lazy and criminal and you have an enemy. Dehumanize Black people by labeling them as such. Use Black people [or Muslims, terrorists, anarchists, liberals, conservatives] to move the masses in the desired direction. Cause fear and panic.

It is not so difficult.

I see it all over Facebook.



Petition, Assembly & Redress of Grievances


Those opposing Kaepernick (CK) and likeminded Citizens have a right to speak. They do not have a right to deny any Citizen the right or ability to express themselves.

Disagree all you want.

Many who are speaking out against CK and the rest are wishing violence and financial harm to them for exercising their right to PETITION and PEACEABLY ASSEMBLE.

It’s not just a Free Speech issue. It is the right to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.

There is also a mass of vocal citizens who are denying that there is a problem.

I’ve heard many a person say that there is no oppression in America. I’ve heard them deny that there is a Police problem in America.

Disagree all you want. Disagree in a constructive manner. Outright denial and steadfast, willful obtuseness concerning the issue is not constructive.

Chicago was recently discovered to have a Black Site to which Citizens were taken and held without charge for days at a time. American Citizens are being shot within seconds of coming into contact with Police simply because the Police are undisciplined and “fear for their lives.” The Police killed a 12 year old boy with a toy gun. They killed him within 2.5 seconds of coming into contact with the child. Police are killing family pets in record numbers because they “fear for their lives.” Police have accidentally shot and killed children because they were shooting at family pets who were no real threat. Then we have the war on drugs which disproportionately targets the poor. The Affluent consume more illegal drugs than any other segment of society. Yet, the majority of the incarcerated citizens in America are those who are poor, disenfranchised and have no real voice in America.

There is oppression in America. That it exists is an indictment of our Nation.

These people who refuse to acknowledge this are part of the problem.

One can exercise one’s free speech to one’s hearts content. Yet, one cannot remain willfully ignorant, voice that ignorance and expect others to, likewise, be ignorant and silent about the issues facing America.

[Pre-Inane Argument Shoot Down 1: Of course, there is oppression everywhere. I don’t give a fuck about oppression elsewhere. I care about America.]

[Pre-Inane Argument Shoot Down 2: Yes, the Police have a dangerous job. So do Garbage Men and Loggers. They aren’t killing innocent people in the course of their duties and being granted qualified immunity. Postmen come into contact with family pets on a daily basis. Postmen aren’t killing record numbers of family pets and crying that they feared for their lives. Postmen are also not missing harmless family pets and shooting children, either.]



Colin Kaepernick; Civil Disobedience


Listen up, Idiot America.

You know who you are.
1. Colin Kaepernick is not saying that HE has be oppressed by the Police. He is saying that Police Oppression does exist.
2. He has more moral courage than the majority of his detractors. He has laid his reputation and his career on the line. He has put his ability to earn millions on the line.
3. Civil Disobedience in America has a long and proud history in America. First and foremost, we have Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement. The American Revolution started with Civil Disobedience. The Abolitionists exercised disciplined civil disobedience and took down the institution of slavery in the United States.
4. The Police are the State. They are not your friends. They are not your buddies. They aren’t going to give out lollipops and ice cream and hugs.
The are enforcers of the law. They say this. They repeatedly state that they don’t make the law, they only enforce it. They do so thoughtlessly. They will enforce the most benign laws and the most heinous and malicious legislation without thought. Morality means nothing to them.
There are laws now in America which are immoral. There have always been laws in America which are/were immoral. For instance, the Fugitive Slave Law was once the law of the land in America. Police enforced that law. Currently, we have drug prohibition laws which prohibit parents from saving the lives of their children and from healing their children. Police thoughtlessly enforce those immoral laws.
Police are not your friend. They are an instrument of the State. There is no law so insignificant over which the Police will not enact violence against a Citizen of the United States. They will brutalize, maim and kill to enforce laws. They have done so. They will continue to do so.
Police in America are above the law. They have qualified immunity. the Supreme Court has ruled that Police can lie to you. The Supreme Court has ruled that the Police have no obligation to protect or serve the Citizen. Police can break the law in order to enforce the law. They can rob you on the highways of America thanks to Civil Asset Forfeiture laws.
If you are ignorant of these terms and laws, educate yourself. It is not that difficult.

What Colin Kaepernick is doing is as American as Mom and Apple Pie. It is called Civil Disobedience. He has put more on the line in taking this stance than most Americans will place on the line in their entire lifetimes.

Colin Kaepernick has started a National Conversation on Police Brutality. Talk America and stop hating on your fellow Americans. Listen America, to the sounds of the people making their way through this life.

Think America! Before it is too late, learn to think.

P.S. I am a Veteran.


Police Brutality Never Ending

This happened 70 years ago but could have happened this morning.
The Police are still bullies and criminals.
Lest you forget, it was the Police of Chicago who protected Al Capone and profited handsomely from Alcohol Prohibition. It was the Police in LA who protected and ran gangs on the streets and profited from Drug Prohibition. The NYPD was riddled with corruption brought on by the Drug War in the ’70s.
You think this kind of corruption is a thing of the past?
The Miami Police were just caught protecting and profiting from Drug Prohibition. I guarantee that the Drug War has taken control of the LAPD Headquarters and the NYPD again. It is only a matter of time before the scandal erupts in the public.
Wonder you why the Police are so Pro-Drug Prohibition?
Why would the very people who profit from the War On Drugs wish that war to end?
 The War On Drugs is a War on Liberty. Police have near unlimited powers due to drug prohibition. This situation is only being exacerbated by the War On Terror.

America is so fearful that we naively hand our Liberty to the Usurper. He gladly takes it and we are the more endangered for the bargain.

Pay attention!